Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The story behind Clare Rewcastle (Sarawak Report)

She is the founder of Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak which are openly critical of the Barisan Nasional-led state government of Sarawak.

She left Sarawak at a young age and lived in London before becoming a journalist with BBC World Service in 1983.

Clare is married to Andrew Brown, the younger brother of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Andrew was implicated for accepting payments for a cleaner through the Prime Minister's expenses during the expenses scandal in May 2009.

The Telegraph, the newspaper which ran the story, later acknowledged that Andrew never received any improper benefit.

However, there are numerous scandals involving Andrew but he has never been proved guilty of any wrongdoing.

Clare, on the other hand, visited Sarawak more than 30 years later and suddenly became an ‘environmentalist’ because of the so-called destruction of forest and etc which she saw in Sarawak.

The real reason was something else, which we will explain below;

Clare set up Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak to bring down Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud but she failed.

Clare, who is now a housewife, was creating a world of lies and deception for an ulterior purpose and she was willing to go any lengths for this.

It would also not be wrong to suggest that Clare could have been romantically involved with Radio Free Sarawak DJ Peter John Jaban, a Sarawakian with a well-known penchant for Caucasion women.

She even conspired with Cullen Johnson, a former Toronto police officer turned private eye to hack into private bank accounts for Taib Mahmud’s ex-daughter-in-law who is embroiled in a fierce divorce battle with Taib’s eldest son.

And why after whacking Taib, she moved to ruffle the feathers in Sabah, this time involving CM Musa Aman?

The real story behind Clare Rewcastle Brown

Former UK Premier Gordon Brown, his brother Andrew Brown and Clare Rewcastle Brown are associates of money chaser Ted S. Greenberg or better known as Theodore S. Greenberg.

bro-in-law...former UK premier gordon brown

husband...andrew brown

money chaser...ted s. greenberg

Ted is a former career prosecutor who investigated money laundering, fraud, corruption and financial violations as Chief of the Money Laundering Section and Deputy Chief of the Fraud Section, at the U.S. Department of Justice, and as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Ted was the man who helped the United States recover hundreds of millions that were stashed away hidden by former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.
The millions have since been returned to the Philippines Government and Ted was paid handsomely.

Ted is now working on a few high-profile cases including the recovery of nothing less than US$15 billion hidden by deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

His job also includes the recovery of billions hidden by former Libyan leader Muammar Gadafi and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

Now, Clare Rewcastle and her people have a common link -  Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Clare is a close advisor to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and any pretense that her campaign is independent, objective or non partisan is exposed as questionable as she receives and provides very regular briefings and instructions from him and his daughter.

Reports, including those that emerged from The Malay Messenger.com, suggest that Clare may be seeking to seek advantage for herself and others by suggesting that oil exploration concessions may be made available to those who provide Anwar Ibrahim support.

Clare has in an email (read at the Malay Messenger.com) suggested to Anwar that Ted’s services be engaged should Anwar topple the BN government and become PM before the recently-concluded General Elections 2013.

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