Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sarawak Report's Clare Rewcastle traps herself



Since I started this Book of Revelations, Clare Rewcastle Brown has coming screaming back on her website with claims that she was hacked [oh dear] and that this was done by Taib’s henchmen.

In this piece, you will see how Clare Rewcastle Brown has corrupted the campaign to kick BN out of government. She has done a great job in telling the world of her campaigns, but she systematically faked the evidence. She took a great political campaign and lied so that it became her political campaign, all the evidence pumped up, to pump herself up.

Please, please read her Hacked Off story on Sarawak report VERY carefully. She put a lot of effort into it and only made a few killer errors. It’s fun finding them, and when you do… Well, let me help….

The first one is just funny. Clare Rewcastle Brown wants you to believe that I am a British based PR invention of the Taib family. Sounds good. but why Clare are you SO obsessed by British PR companies, the BBC and all the rest?. Look for me closer to home… or do I mean look closer to Malaysia… Surely YOU are running a funded political campaign, a highly effective London based PR machine. That is why when your PKR failed to make a mark, and had to be rescued by the DAP, you have now lost your funding for your RADIO FREE SARAWAK. I thought this was news and information service for the ulu. No. of course it wasn’t, it was just a very expensive part of your battle for political control with Taib..

If I was a Taib invention, why do I appear just AFTER he and his clique really needed all the support he could get, dealing with you? DID CLARE REWCASTLE BROWN CONSPIRE WITH THE FORGER? Yes she did. She says that she didn’t pay him, and she didn’t publish his material. Well, someone paid him, Clare. You arranged that he was retained by John Rajoo on behalf of “Mrs Taib”, so SHE paid him. You may not have paid out [you say, I believe you, thousands will not], but as your funding is more secret even than Taib’s, who can tell? Why not ask John Rajoo, everyone? His website is She has just admitted the material is genuine… And Clare, you knew who the Forger, Cullen Johnson, was. If you deny it, the evidence will simply appear, again… He even wrote to you about his status as a “criminal”, you KNEW he was on the run from Canadian and US justice, you KNEW that he had forged documents to try to smear Canadian politicians [wow, doesn't that sound familiar...?] and you fixed him up to do as much damage as you could to the Taib’s.

What did you think he would do for Shanaz Taib… give a character reference? So it doesn’t work to suggest that he was some kind of “sting” that was done to you by the Government, or other Englishmen. how stupid do you think we are?

A criminal on the run gets in contact, and you go along with it… Does that sound like a sting by the government? You should have turned him down straight… But you didn’t. Next: This guy forges bank accounts. That is what he does. And you plant him with Shahnaz Taib. Her claims make the Taibs look like overfed monkeys…. Everyone laughing, hey. Well, maybe Taib and BN pay their secret agents to create complicated scams to make the world laugh at them and raise talk of corruption just before elections. But I don’t think so. And nor will anyone else except your silly friends in the foreign press agencies.

LOOSE ENDS So, lets see if everyone has caught up. The man who specialises in forging and stealing documents [and is paid by someone else] CONSPIRES with you to work for the overpaid Mrs Taib in her battles with the overpaid Mr Taib. Mrs Taib then delivers fabulous stories of her husband’s huge wealth, with reference to over a hundred offshore bank accounts. We all believed her, but we didn’t have access to the detail. You and your friends at the Bruno Manser Fund DID have access, and you made a case of this worldwide. hey, you went to the Swiss parliament demanding they close down the banks and all that. So were the Taib bank accounts forged? Well, we ordinary people don’t know how rich Mahmud Abu Bekir is. A hell of a lot richer than he should be.

We know that You know that conspiring with Cullen Johnson to either hack into bank accounts or forge bank documents is a criminal offence. Have the cops called on you yet?

Anyway who would trust his wife of many years? Would they even know, themselves? With these rich powerful people around, who can we trust? its OK guys, Clare Rewcastle Brown to the rescue. The solution to this little puzzle has been under our noses all the time. She isn’t just a London based PR mouthpiece for a political party, she is our hero, and she stands for decency and truth. You see, Clare wrote in January that all Shahnaz Taib’s allegations are true, because SARAWAK REPORT has had them checked by independent investigators. See the link below [at least till Sarawak report does some serious editing......

So, Clare do you feel lucky? IF AS YOU SAY YOU HAVE INDEPENDENT EVIDENCE OF THESE FANTASTIC BANK ACCOUNTS, PUT THAT EVIDENCE ON THE WEB. Let's hear from YOUR investigators report, not some greedy woman in a divorce court. If we are going to take down Taib and BN in Sarawak, we need to be very clean, not very dirty. We need to admit what he has done right, [the people are not as stupid as you foreigners would believe, and we live here] and then we need to SHOUT about so much that he does wrong. We need cleanliness, not your secret foreign-funded PR campaigns with stupid exaggerations that make us all into liars. Your contribution was meant to be truth. Many believed you could bring truth that we couldn’t sustain over here.

Well..Your key evidence manufacturer, who you befriended on the run, is in jail in the US for forgery. How does that make us better off? Don’t answer that. Just get back on your website and tell us why we can trust Mrs Taib’s evidence like you said we could.

And then if you can’t – then admit the lie. So If you have told just one lie, as I asked previously, does this mean anything you say is true?

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