Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clare resorts to recycling issues, telling lies

Actually Clare should search her conscience whether she tells the truth or just make another big lie, which is her trademark, about Abdul Taib in her latest posting?

Now she owes us the concrete proof of how Abdul Taib, her arch political enemy, makes billion from Murum dam from the timber and lands? It is not a big area and the trees are normally being cut by the contractor, which has been awarded the contract to develop the dam. The value of the timber does not come into a billion, which the contractor needs to finance the construction of the dam. The lands to be flood are State lands, which must be paid premium by the contractor to the State government.

Remember, Clare Rewcastle Brown, is a mercenary writer being paid by PKR to discredit Abdul Taib as the leader of Barisan Nasional.  She has no respect for the truth; she is running out of issues and has resorted to recycling her stories. 

The photograph that she has inserted in her latest posting was that of a longhouse gutted by fire at Sungei Assap recently. It could be a Penan longhouse but the occupants were definitely not from Murum, which is too distant away from for Sungei Assap.

Sg.  Assap, for the benefits of the larger audience, is a resettlement area for the people including some Penans affected by Bakun hydro dam. And remember Bakun Hydro dam is a Federal project, being implemented and supervised by agencies of the Federal Government.

The State government is having the contract with the Federal government to use all the electricity about 1,000 megawatts being generated   from Bakun to run industries, in the various process of development, at Samalaju Industrial estate near Bintulu.

The Murum dam, to generate about 900 megawatts of electricity,  is the first project being developed by the State government , which  has been working very hard to ensure that it can become a model  to develop hydroelectricity dams in Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang, if and when necessary, in future.


The Penans, affected by Murum hydroelectricity dam project are being resettled in an area of their choice next to the dam.  They are given permanent houses, which used to be beyond their dreams, and sufficient jungle for their traditional games of hunting for their meats and fishing for their fish. 

In this regard, Clare is either very ignorant of the situation or has a very crooked mind to claim, which is very capable of doing,  that the Penans from Murum are being put up in “  chicken coop in Sg. Assap”. It is a big lie.   

In any case, Clare owes explanation, which Penans is she referring to?. There are only about 10,000 Penans, who are spreading all over the remote hinterlands in Ulu Kapit , Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang.  The recent census on them revealed only 276 of them either lead the semi nomadic or nomadic way of life out of their own choices. 

The majority of them, who have settled down in Suai, near Miri have become trained farmers, civil servants and businessmen; some have become millionaires.  They have also changed the name of the community from Penan to Punan, in the name of success and modernity.  

Sarawak government, unlike the British Colonial government, takes cares of the people, comprising of about 30 ethnic groups, each with its customs and traditions, with fairness and justice.  The only reason why development is being pushed to remote hinterlands of Ulu Limbang, Ulu Baram and Ulu Kapit is to bring the ethnic groups in them into the mainstream of development as Sarawak pushes to become a developed state, within the context of the National Agenda of vision 2020, by the year 2020.

Actually Clare’s remarks in her blogs are not worth commenting as they are very shallow and misleading.  But her lies must be exposed as she has been abusing her so-called rights and freedom to malign the State, the government, which she has nothing to do with. Obviously, she is earning her living by telling lies about Sarawak.

- Sarawak Monitor

The Instigator has been denied entry into Sarawak -she deserves whatever she gets.

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