Monday, April 13, 2015

Sarawak keluar Malaysia? Buat pelampau IS4S dan SSKM...

Haruskah Sarawak kekal dalam Malaysia?

Berikut adalah pandangan Leng Teck Chiang yang penulis petik daripada laman facebook beliau. Bagi segelintir pembangkang, mencadangkan sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal seperti Sarawak berdiri sebagai sebuah negara bunyinya seakan-akan menguntungkan rakyat negeri ini. Hakikatnya begitu banyak implikasi dan kesan negatif yang perlu difikirkan sebelum menyokong idea yang tidak cerdik seperti ini.

Semoga pandangan Leng Teck Chiang menjadi sumber kepada golongan fanatik SSKM (Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia) dan IS4S (Independent Sarawak for Sarawakian) untuk mendapat gambaran apa yang mungkin akan berlaku sekiranya Sarawak keluar daripada gabungan Persekutuan Malaysia.

Should Sarawak remain in Malaysia? 

PR supporters has been twisting Sarawak CM - Sarawak for Sarawakians into one of Independent Sarawak type of Sarawak for sarawakians.

Their reason for doing this is purely for the interest of their Semenanjung masters. If Sarawak is out from Malaysia than maybe PR can finally take over Putrajaya next GE.

But is it beneficial for Sarawak to withdraw from Malaysia like Singapore?? For me its not beneficial for the reasons below:-

1)  Singapore is strategically located thus it can survive as a port city but even that they are struggling as competing with Malaysia thus they trying tourism and also casino. Sarawak sadly is not strategically located. And also remember its land mass is small compare to Sarawak that is almost the size of semenanjung.
2)   If Sarawak where to withdraw from Malaysia its economical growth will come to a complete stand still for the next 30 to 50 years. Why? Because hospitals,schools,govt agencies,polis, army, infrastructural developments and maintain it all will come under Sarawak alone. The human resource, the training, new currency, international recognition, passport acceptance. As a lot of this is currently maintained by federal.
3)   Those for sarawak withdrawal quoted sarawak natural resources, a lot of coutry has even more resources but also remain even worst off than malaysia. Take fuel for example, would and extra 95% enable sarawak to maintain itself and developed itself?how much fuel resource is still available? 
How many years it can sustain? 
Remember the amount of things that is currently under federal, rm1 hospitals, medicines, army, polis, roads and government agencies, SRK,SMK, scholarships and study being independent you would need a new admin infra, new international airport, your own airlines even. Not to mention your army and polis hardware, the cars,bikes,tanks,weapons,fighter jet,helicopter. Also suddenly there wont be any federal grants.

4)    If sarawak where to withdraw from Malaysia not only it would financially drained but even its cheap electricity may need to be increased as the country now needs the income. And not forgetting fuel price may drop, forest cant be cut sarawak has alot of national parks and forest lobby group also wont allow you to cut your trees. Sarawak maybe out from malaysia but would it get out from FDI that will control everything here because suddenly we need investors. This FDI would include malaysians as they are now foreign country.
5)    For a country to have strong currentcies it would need a large reserve and also economic infra and so on. Sarawak currently infra is still way behind. Economy would also need to rely on just fuel, that even may not be enough. How about food and manufacturing sector? We are also not able to sustain that thus need to import. With a weak currency is it viable?
6)    Infrastructral wise, telco company. Internet, roads, ports,airports. All this suddenly all need to be build this and maintain existing ones.
7)    Kuching was way behind pontianak years back, but since Sarawak join malaysia it has overtaken pontianak in terms of development and so on.
8)    Universities, currently Sarawak only have unimas, and 2 private overseas universities in Sarawak which was brought in by bn sarawak. 
Would this be able to sustain sarawakians education? Would the chinese independent school be able to sustain itself?? Dont even talk about UEC recognition but can it stay open just to give education???

9)    How many doctors are sarawakians and in how many fields, would they be able to run the hospitals?? Without army and polis personal from semenanjung and sabah would sarawakians be able to fill up all that empty place?? Would the army be able to keep sarawak safe from intruders??? Would they have the hardware needed?
10)   Without own national airlines would sarawak be able to build on its tourism sector? Would security suddenly become a concern and thus turn off tourist? Would the current tourism industry earn as much with lower currency value of new Sarawak currency??
11)   An independent Sarawak would just set Sarawak into an frozen time zone and turn it into a 3rd world country. Is this beneficial to sarawakians? Or are you sabotaging Sarawak??
12)   Isn't it easier to bring sarawak forward under malaysia? Isnt it more beneficial to sarawakians? Wont it be easier to just say no to semenanjung based political party?? Dap,pas,pkr included?? Hasnt bn sarawak always managed to protect sarawak?? This is the actual call of the cm of sarawak.
13)    If not for bn sarawak but if its under PR maybe even hudud would be implemented in sarawak. As pr sarawak has shown it dare not speak up againts its semenanjung masters. Dont forget PR held states are doing badly now. Dont be fooled by simple drama and sweet empty promises.
14)   Selangor has water issues, denggi issues, raise in license fee and quit rent. FDI drop.
Penang also has increased its water tariff 3 times, and soon the 4th time by another 16%. Parking collection till midnight, car clamping where you need to pay on the stop, if its towed you need to pay towing fee even. License fee up, quit rent up, rentals fees of stalls also up. 

Selling of states prime lands where 12% of 16% prime land have been sold off. But no land for chinese schools. Deficit budget, increased in administration cost.undersea tunnel issue.40 words ban.FDI drop from 1st to 7th. Hotel bed TAX. 1st islamic hospital soon even.


  1. He forgot to mention about our neighbors anxiously waiting to divide Borneo North among themselves.

    1. lessons for sabah oppositions to learn.. Never forget about the tragedy that happened at kpg tanduo, semporna and lahad datu.. how to avoid such incident from happening again without a well-organized government..

  2. This are thing I mention to my friends

  3. weird...isn't our gov always not a well organized government?

    they are not even well organized in collecting gst....

  4. Rather than discussing about sskm issues, i think most of us forgot about the existing problem of our gov.

    Is GST going to solve our country's debt issue?

    What is the risk of our country going bankrupt under the current gov?

  5. Should all of us migrate? Does malaysia have a future?